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The examples below illustrate a few uses for the Color Tool in its current version. We hope to extend it's capabilities in the near future (please send us [email link] any comments about how we could make it more useful to you!).

Color Space Visualization Back to the top of the page.

One good use for the Color Tool is to get an overview of the perceptual organization of the colors available on a display. The "Choose by Hue" and "Choose by Lightness" color selection panels let us look at representative samples of all of the colors in the 3D gamut of a color display. Users who don't have extensive training or experience with applied color perception (and maybe even a few who do have color training) can quickly see a few things about the visual possibilities supported by the display by browsing through this space.
Color Space Visualization Example.
More about 3D gamut of a display.

Locating a Color with Particular Properties Back to the top of the page.

We can also use the tool to seek a color with particular visual properties. For example, suppose we want to find a cyan (blue-green) that is both highly-saturated and bright. We can find it with the Color Tool using either panel.
Color Search Example.

Display Prototyping Back to the top of the page.

The tool can help with development of color schemes for complicated information displays. The organization of the color selection panels supports better understanding of the perceptual consequences of particular color choices than with other color pickers.
Display Prototyping Example.


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