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The Color Graphics Topics portion of the site includes information about how to implement the processes called for in the Design Process checklist:

Sample image from the  Labeling with Color page.
Labeling with Color  
Discussion and examples of labeling with color, a good use of color.
Sample image from the Grouping with Color page. Grouping with Color  
Some examples of a good use of color, perceptual grouping.
Sample image from the Color and Popout page. Color and Popout
Discussion and demonstration of the attention phenomenon known as color "popout".
Sample image from the Creating Urgency Hiearchies page. Creating Urgency Hierarchies
Discussion of the issues surrounding inventory and prioritization of data for display.
Sample image from the Creating Perceptual Layers page. Creating Perceptual Layers
Discussion of a graphic method in which several classes (layers) of data are superimposed while placing appropriate demands on the users' attention.
Sample image from the Designing with Luminance Contrast page. Designing with Luminance Contrast
Background information on designing with luminance contrast and a step-by-step approach to luminance contrast selection in several contrast designs.
Sample image from the Luminance Contrast in Color Graphics page. Luminance Contrast in Color Graphics
Discussion of the 3D color gamuts of displays and the implications for design of usable color graphics.
Sample image from the Choosing Background Layers page. Choosing Background Colors
Discussion of the pros and cons of color designs with different luminance contrast schemes.
Sample image from the Last Resorts: Outlining/Infills page. Last Resorts: Outlining / Infills
Discussion of last graphic alternatives for giving symbols sufficient luminance contrast, including outlining and infills.

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