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The following links to information and other external resources related to the topics on this site:

The links on this page are not part of the Color Usage Site, and we are not responsible for their content. They are mentioned here only as sites that include content related to the topic of color design.

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This list has been intentionally kept small to help us keep them current. In addition to their own content, they should provide useful entry points to other related information available on the web. If you have found some resource valuable and think it should be included here please email the author.

NASA Research Websites. These websites describe research at NASA related to color usage in aerospace.

Cockpit Display of Traffic Information, Johnson/Battiste
Software Tools and Interfaces for Air Traffic Management, Palmer/Smith/Prevot
Vision Science Group (Ames Research Center)
Human Systems Integration Division (Ames Research Center)

Applied Color Research. Information about applications of color science to applied problems.

University of Derby Colour and Imaging Institute
Munsell Color System

Basic Color Research. Information about research to extend vision science. Includes many links to vision research sites.
Color and Vision Science Laboratories
Dr. David Brainard
Dr. Hans Irtel

Cartography. These resources are those used in the pages concerning color usage in maps.

Dr. Cynthia Brewer, Pennsylvania State Univ.
University of Texas Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

Standards. Standards organizations, where to get color standards documents, etc.

ANSI standards information
ISO standards information
SAE standards information

Aviation. Aviation websites.

National Transportation Safety Board Reports.
DOT Volpe Center report on Electronic Flight Bags.

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Software and online tools. These are a few free tools that I have found useful. There are also many commercial programs for production of color documents and for management of color display and printing.

Visibone. Includes a number of interesting resources for website color design, some free, some for purchase. One of them, Color Lab, is a free interactive web tool for selecting colors from the "web-safe" color set. It has several clever and useful features. While mostly useful to color vision researchers, there are modules that do many useful technical things relating to color display.

The Art of Web Design: Color Wheel & Color Relationships. Ever since humankind first began mixing paint, color has played a vital role in the expression of ideas. Certain colors can evoke pointed emotions or memories. Color can change the atmosphere and feeling of a piece from dull and lifeless to bright and entrancing. As the role of the Internet in business and education increases, color must be used both to interest clients and to work on behalf of computer users.

Encycolorpedia. Encycolorpedia provides free hex color profile pages, color search, paint matching, schemes and color space conversions. It also provides features like generating color palettes from image or website URLs and paint matching between brands.

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